Installing Wash Bay systems throughout Australia & overseas.

We manufacture and install wash bay systems throughout Australia and overseas.
Years of expertise and experience have refined our technology so your wash bay benefits. We ensure it meets the requirements you have for your business, small or large. Our great value modular systems are becoming the best option for business start ups as you can add on ​to your systems as your demand for water increases.

We build Wash Bays for waste water treatment

Renewable water - revolutionary technology

We recycle all Wash Bay water

You don’t need sewer connection

Design assistance for construction & engineering

You will have NO waste removal costs

Wash Bays provides ongoing environmental and financial benefits

We know what works and what doesn't and that makes a huge difference for you as the system we install will work and it will keep on working as long as it's needed.

Wash Bay design, manufacture & installation.

Designing your wash bay correctly can make the difference between easy operations and long term problems. Avoid them from the start. Make sure you have the advice that suits your wash down situation. Use our knowledge so your wash bay benefits.

Our wash bay systems are sustainable and cost effective, easy to maintain and user friendly. The wastewater treatment and recycling process enables the water to be continually reused and there is no liquid waste discharged. They are biological organic systems which benefit everyone, users, owners and the environment. The savings you make through recycling quickly eliminate yearly charges for water and wastewater removal.


No sewer connection needed


Reduced water bill


Reduced wet sludge removal


You can maintain and/or service it yourself


No chemical dosing required


Recovered water resource can be reused




System is designed & manufactured in Australia

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