Modular Recycle System Case Study

Company: Event Rentals & City Hire

Cliff Hughes is the owner of a large event and party hire business based in southern Queensland. His business services well known festivals like the Woodford Folk festival and the Byron Bay Blues Festival. In Brisbane they have provided equipment for the BCC Riverstage Concert Venue, Paniyiri, the Caxton Street Seafood Festival and many other events.

Cliff’s business was experiencing rapid growth and he was compelled to buy an existing facility to cope with his rapid expansion. But, there were no existing wash bays, as the previous owner had only used the premises for warehousing of stock.


20 Shannon Pl
Virginia QLD 4014

Why did he need a wash bay and what were the concerns?

Cliff’s company needs to wash down all the equipment they hire out when it is returned and as there were no wash bays at the properties he bought. We helped him design the wash bays he needed. These wash bays had to be at the back end of the shed and the sewer connection was at the front end of the shed.

What were the cost savings that led him to choose our recycle system?

The quotes for the installation of a coalescing plate separator connected to the sewer were enormous for installation and would be ongoing for water, pretreatment equipment and sewer access and monitoring.

The alternative was to install a recycle system that did not require access to a sewer network.

Cliff did his homework and asked a lot of questions of us and our competitors. This led him to make the decision to acquire our Recycle System and he was right.

The figures below will give an indication of the cost savings he could achieve If he ran the Recycle System at full treatment capacity for six days a week for the year.

The money he would save would look like this:

315 days x 15kilolitres per day x $7.00* = $33075.00 per year.

*The $7 dollars include: Buying in water, paying to acquire and maintain pretreatment equipment and sewer access charges.

The Recycle System was commissioned in August 2018 and because Cliff took an active interest in the installation of his Recycle System, he has managed to eliminate the maintenance costs so far.


The Recycle System is fed wastewater from two large wash bay areas. One is internal and used mostly for the washing of a variety of Marquees. The other is external and is used for a large range of hire items such as portable toilets, walkways, BBQs, chairs, a variety of other hire equipment and vehicles.

All in all, Cliff is very happy with his decision to Recycle with us and is well on the way to recovering his initial capital outlay.

Helping to preserve the Earth one Wash Bay at a time.

Dual Bioreactors-Paralled Washbays System Case Study

Company: HBS (PNG) Ltd

What does this business do?

Since inception of the company by Bob Watkins, the core of HBS’s business has been its market leading plant & machinery dealership that continues to provide quality equipment for a country that demands all from its machines.

In more recent years, HBS has become recognised as a serious contracting contender in Mine Support Services and Civil & Building Construction. At HBS, they have sustained continued growth supporting clients in market sectors of resources & energy, oil & gas, transport, infrastructure, and property development


11 Mile Okuk Highlands Highway, Lae, Papa New Guinea

Why did he need a wash bay and what were the concerns?

Bob Watkins had acquired property at the 11 Mile on the main highway from the Highlands to Lae. The existing facility had no wash bays. The wash bays were needed to wash a large range of equipment and vehicles before maintenance work could be carried out.

Why did he choose a recycle system?

The sewer system on-site could not cope with the volume of wastewater from heavy and light machinery wash bays.

Also, Papua New Guinea has a hot, humid tropical climate which is experienced all year round. The country experiences two distinctive seasons: wet (December – March) and dry (June – September).

This situation made our Recycle system very attractive to Bob as it did not require any access to a sewer system.

The Recycle System was commissioned in June 2012 and because HBS staff worked with us on the installation, they were also trained to look after the maintenance of the Recycle System HBS-1.

The most pleasing aspect of this case was that around 18 months later we were asked to design and install HBS-2 at the 12 Mile.

These wash bays were even bigger and had to satisfy Quarantine requirements for the PNG authorities.

The same crew worked on the installation of HBS-2 and it was commissioned in December 2013.

Both wash bays are still in operation.

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"We have been operating your washbay recycle system for over two years now and
we think your system is fantastic!"

Francine Wicks

Manager People & Quality, Transit Care

“I’m very happy I installed this system in 2002 and it has saved my company a lot of money. In all that time I have never had to turn on the town water tap to top up this system”.

Dallas Hawkins

Proprietor, Hawkins Truck Refinishers

“Ever since we installed the system in 2009, I have always been able to reuse the water that has been processed through our system to back on the wash bay to wash the trucks. I really value your availability to help me out when I need it”.


Wash Bay Manager, LinCon Trucks