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WASH BAYS is a NATIONAL AUSTRALIAN COMPANY with technology applications in urban, rural and remote areas. It specialises in industrial wash bays with user-friendly technology.
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Our wash bays work.

The expertise of the team as well as their outstanding record in industrial waste water treatment and recycling, combined with reliable and efficient service and assistance, provides customers with the assurance that their wash bays will always be operating effectively.

Designing & building wash bays for over 20 Years

Manufactured in South East Queensland

Friendly professional service

Consistently deliver excellent results

Our Team

Members of our team have been designing and building wash bays for over twenty years. This experience is gold. We know what works and what doesn’t and that makes a huge difference for you. The system we install will work and it will keep on working as long as it’s needed and we can prove this to you.

We deliberately keep our team small so people can deal directly with the builder every step of the way. Our mission is to consistently deliver excellent results with friendly professional service so clients can enjoy a stress free wash bay installation experience.

Helping to preserve the Earth one Wash Bay at a time.

Wash Bay design, manufacture & installation.

The wash bay systems are manufactured in South East Queensland, Australia. They can be installed in any location throughout Australia and overseas.

"We have been operating your washbay recycle system for over two years now and
we think your system is fantastic!"

Francine Wicks

Manager People & Quality, Transit Care

“I’m very happy I installed this system in 2002 and it has saved my company a lot of money. In all that time I have never had to turn on the town water tap to top up this system”.

Dallas Hawkins

Proprietor, Hawkins Truck Refinishers

“Ever since we installed the system in 2009, I have always been able to reuse the water that has been processed through our system to back on the wash bay to wash the trucks. I really value your availability to help me out when I need it”.


Wash Bay Manager, LinCon Trucks